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Eagle Car Rental Services in Egypt

Car Rental with Eagle is considered one of the long-established companies in the car rental service and has wide experience in the field and we are distinguished that we have several innovative and modern solutions for car rental service in Egypt. Car rental

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Eagle Rent A Car in Heliopolis:

It is the first headquarters of the company in Egypt, where it was established in 1990, and at that time there were three companies in Egypt that ran the car rental system in Egypt, and over that period the Eagle developed its new concept. We have introduced many innovative solutions in the field of car rental. It also conducted intensive courses for its customer service workers, in addition to taking great care to choose its drivers who are the address of the company with customers

The company was also able to break into the field of information technology by adding many sites to the company. In addition to social media and Facebook pages, which are managed by a select group of the best advertisers, in addition to our popular YouTube channel. Eagle rent a cars in Egypt, and out of its concern for customers, asks customers to be careful and cautious when dealing with any car hire company in Egypt.

It also requires them to deal with large, reputable and reliable companies so that their vacations are a relaxing vacation. Eagle promises you to do its utmost to achieve the dreams of its customers, and we and our customer service are our motors: No time for rest and no time for sleep. We are at the service of our customers.

About the car rental company

Eagle car hire operates in Egypt on the basis that customer confidence is the source of success. As he is now in Egypt, he recently started a fierce competition in the field of car hire in Egypt.

The car hire methods provided by the company save customers time and effort, as they meet the needs of all customers and reach all parts of the Republic. You can choose the appropriate reservation method for you, and you can also choose the type of reservation, which is:
Car hire with drivers or rent a car without drivers.

Rent a car with driver from Eagle has several advantages:

We have the best team of drivers trained at the highest level, as they work to comfort customers and deal with them friendly. Able to handle in emergency times. They are also fluent in many languages.

That is why Eagle provides a car hire service as it should be. And you can compare the prices of Eagle Rent A Car with all other companies and their counterparts from the rent a car companies in Egypt. Therefore, Eagle has gained the trust of its customers for more than 15 years in the Egyptian market.

Contact information:

12 El Hegaz St., Heliopolis
Eagle rent a car in Egypt.

Car rental agency

12 El Hegaz St., El Mahkama, Heliopolis, Heliopolis

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Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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