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Car Rental in Maadi 01001061202, which is one of the most famous areas of the Egyptian capital Cairo, and is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River, and the old Maadi neighborhood is considered one of the most prestigious residential areas in the Egyptian capital and the highest price because it includes many foreign embassies as well as many foreign workers In Egypt, therefore, when you rent a car in Maadi from the Eagle Rent a Car Company in Egypt, you must rent a car with a specific style of style in order to match the status of Maadi.

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Maadi neighborhood services and facilities

1- Transportation to and from Maadi

As for transportation, you can reach the Maadi neighborhood in more than one way, such as taking the subway and getting off at the following stations: Maadi Station, Hadayek Al Maadi Station, Maadi Barracks Station, or you can go to the Maadi neighborhood through the Ring Road or Al Nasr Road, and the Maadi neighborhood is far from the governorate. Cairo is about 30 minutes, and it is 30 minutes away from Giza.


2- Schools and educational institutions in Maadi

There are many educational schools located in Maadi, such as: Amgad International School, Al Bashayer International Schools, The British School, Al Nujoom Schools … and others.


3- The most famous cafes and restaurants in Maadi

Maadi district is famous for its many cafes and restaurants, some of which are: Mori Sushi Restaurant, Burger King, Kentucky, Abu Mazen Al Suri, Papa John’s .. and many other restaurants and cafes.

Directory of compounds in Maadi

The Maadi district is characterized by the availability of many compounds in it, including the medium, the economic, and the luxurious, and the average price per square meter for the compounds in Maadi starts from 5,000 square meters per square meter.

What are the most important compounds in Maadi?

Maadi neighborhood includes many important compounds such as Bavaria Town, Rehana Residence, Degla View and Maadi Grand City, and there are also commercial and administrative malls in Maadi, such as City Walk Mall.

Transportation and car rental in the Maadi neighborhood

Maadi is easily accessible from several main roads, such as Al-Nasr Road, Salah Salem, or the Ring Road.

You can also reach Maadi by public transport such as the metro, taxis (minibuses) or public transport buses, and several lines of Uber and Careem buses pass through Maadi.

Some areas within the Maadi neighborhood in detail

1- New Maadi:

The New Maadi area is located between Lasilki Square and the Autostrad Street, and includes Saqr Quraish and the Kuwaiti company residences. In the recent period, the desire of individuals to search for apartments for sale in New Maadi has increased.

The types and levels of housing are varied in Maadi; As Lasilki area has above average housing, so middle class people always look for apartments for sale in Maadi, Lasilki Street. For example, the Saqr Quraish area is considered average, and other areas provide economic housing and some are popular. Al Basateen and Al Arab areas are popular areas that tend to be informal. Arab Maadi is the service area of ​​the Maadi neighborhood, which contains a number of shops, crafts, and various means of transportation for its location that connects all areas of Maadi.

2- Old Maadi:

Old Maadi is characterized by classicism and elegance, it has maintained its style and is characterized by the spread of luxury housing, which varies between villas and low-rise buildings. It is characterized by the abundance and variety of plants and large trees, which gives the neighborhood a special character. The neighborhood is home to many foreign communities, foreign embassies and international companies. Therefore, many individuals are searching for apartments for sale in Old Maadi.

3– Zahraa El-Maadi:

Zahraa El Maadi is considered one of the new areas in Maadi, which has medium and above average housing availability, and some areas provide economical and luxury housing. There are buildings in the region for oil companies, the most famous of which are Wadi Degla, Wadi Degla Reserve, and Vodafone Company.

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