Car Rental Conditions

Conditions for Renting a Car

Renting a Car Conditions in Egypt from the Eagle Company are very easy. Welcome to our valued customers. We thank you for visiting our website In addition we hope that we will meet all your requests in the fastest time and to facilitate the customers and prevent wasting their time. after that We offer you procedures for renting a car in Egypt.

For individuals:

The procedures and conditions for car rental differ according to the nationality of the customer, whether Egyptian or foreign.

Terms of service: A car for Egyptian citizens:

  1. That the age is not less than 25 years.
  2. A valid driver’s license.
  3. A valid National ID Card.
  4. Electricity receipt bearing the tenant’s name or the father’s name in Cairo.

To know about the conditions for renting a car in Egypt for non-Egyptians:

  • To be at least 25 years old.
  • A valid international driver’s license and allowed to be used inside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • A valid passport that holds an entry visa to Egypt.

Therefore facilitate for the Egyptians living and working abroad and do not have an electricity receipt, therefore it is permissible to leave the original passport in the event that there is a work residence on the passport, however certainly the passport is retrieved upon the delivery of the car, and for example or Similarly in the event the customer needs the passport, a representative from the office is sent to the customer to finish Procedures after that returning the passport to the delegate again.

In addition Women can rent a car using an electricity receipt bearing the husband’s name.

Terms of renting a car for Egyptian and foreign companies:

  1. A valid commercial register bearing the name of the company.
  2. A tax card bearing the name of the company.
  3. That the company’s commercial activity is existing.

Conditions of renting a car in Egypt with the driver

Regarding the conditions for renting a car in Egypt, there are really no conditions, In other words except for some agreements on the number of working hours for the driver and the kilometres traveled only. For more information, visit our services page.

For instance in Eagle Rent a Car, are keen to facilitate car rental procedures for all customers, above all we work with all seriousness In addition we credibility to ensure the speed of service provision to our valued customers.

Eagle rent a car in Egypt is your best choice.

We accept advance cash payment in Egyptian pounds , In other words by any other currency.

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