Rent a car in Sheikh Zayed City

Car Rental in Sheikh Zayed 

Car Rental in Sheikh Zayed 

Car Rental in Sheikh Zayed Which is one of the residential cities that were newly established in the mid-nineties, with the aim of reconstructing the desert patches with residents and commercial projects. The city of Sheikh Al-Zayed is considered one of the high-end cities, and the city follows in its division the Governorate of Giza.

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Sheikh Zayed geographical location


Sheikh Zayed City is located on an area of more than 10 thousand acres, near the tenth district and the Al-Ahram Plateau in Giza, Sheikh Zayed is about 35 minutes away from 6th of October City, about 40 minutes away from Giza Governorate, 50 minutes away from Cairo Governorate, and it is also away from Airport. Cairo International, 70 minutes.


The most important services in Sheikh Zayed City


The costs of your services in Sheikh Zayed City are raised, as follows:

  • Mosques such as: Jama Masjid, Al Noor Mosque, Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque, Al-Rahma Mosque … and others.
  • Churches such as: The Church of Our Lady and Anba Samuel.
  • Commercial malls such as: Arkan Mall, Downtown Mall, Mazar Mall Sheikh Zayed … and others.
  • Educational institutions such as: Orman College Schools, Nile Kangaroo Language School, Beverly Hills School, Sheikh Zayed Experimental Schools … and others.
  • Health services such as Al-Zuhoor Hospital, Zayed Specialist Hospital … and others.
  • Sports clubs such as: Al-Ahly Club.
  • And entertainment places such as shops, cafes and entertainment places.


The most important Sheikh Zayed compounds

Sheikh Zayed City is considered one of the modern cities, as we mentioned before. As a result, there are many closed compounds in it. Here are the most important compounds in Sheikh Zayed


  • Yasmine Compound in Sheikh Zayed:

The compound is located in the fourteenth district of Sheikh Zayed City

  • Zayed Dunes Compound:

And this compound is in the middle of Sheikh Zayed City.

  • Greens Compound:

Greens is located in the sixth district of Sheikh Zayed City.

  • Linux Business Compound:

It is a new compound of its kind, as it was designated for businessmen and commercial activities, and the compound is located near Sheikh Zayed City.

  • Zayed Regency Compound:

The compound is located near Al-Ahly Club in Sheikh Zayed City.

  • Beverly Hills Compound:

It is one of the most important compounds in Sheikh Zayed City, and it is located near the 16th district.


Sheikh Zayed City is located near important roads such as: the Ring Road, the Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road, and the 26th of July Corridor, making it easy to reach to and from it.

Sheikh Zayed City is far from the Eagle Rent A Car Company about 49 kilometer 56 minutes

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If you want to rent cars inside Sheikh Zayed City, you just have to contact the company through the following information:


contact information:

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