Rent a Car in New Cairo

Car Rental in New Cairo City

Car Rental in New Cairo City

Car Rental in New Cairo for as low prices from Eagle Car Rental, Egypt’s New city is considered one of the most distinguished places within the cities of Egypt, as it enjoys more vital areas, which prompted some residents of other cities to move to housing there. The neighborhood is located in the east of Cairo, its area is about 9 square kilometers, and it is inhabited by about 136 thousand people.

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Advantages of housing in Egypt’s New city

  • Ease of access to the neighborhood and its suburbs, as well as going to any city in Cairo via the important and main roads that overlooks such as Al-Orouba Road, Salah Salem Road and Bridge Suez Road, as well as various public transport lines between public transport buses, service fare, buses and cars, Karim and Uber beside the regular taxis. There are also metro stations passing through Egypt’s New city neighborhood.
  • An elegant and quiet area, and its residents have a distinguished social level.
  • An active commercial district with a lot of clothing, leather, supplies and jewelry from famous brands, which brings you close to your needs, as well as many entertainment, hiking and shopping areas.
  • The neighborhood includes several important government and presidential headquarters.
  • Permanent traffic fluidity, especially after the recent development in the neighborhood.
  • The high standard of living of the population has made the service institutions expand in establishing new health, educational and housing projects to provide distinguished services to the population.

The most famous street in Egypt’s New city

  1. Al-Ahram Street: It extends from Al-Mirghani Street at the Ittihadiya Palace to the Basilica Square.
  2. Damascus Street: It extends from Ibrahim Al-Laqani Street until it intersects with Harun Al-Rashid Street.
  3. Beirut Street: It starts from Al-Hijaz Street and runs intersecting with Al-Ahram Street behind the Basilica Church, passing through Beirut Square, and intersecting with Al-Orouba Road.

Car Rental in New Cairo | neighborhood development

After the area suffered from traffic jams and congestion in the streets that sometimes amounted to a halt and complete paralysis, the local authorities implemented several traffic developments and car bridges in Heliopolis.


At first, these efforts sparked widespread controversy among the residents at first, fearing the character of the upscale neighborhood, but after their success and realization of traffic flow, they satisfied the people of the neighborhood.


And the Cairo governorate had started in 2019 the construction of five new bridges in Egypt’s New city at the famous intersections in the city, and these are the places of the five bridges:

  • Al-Mirghani intersection with Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street.
  • Al-Mirghani intersection with the seven buildings.
  • Salah Salem intersection with Nozha Street.
  • The intersection of Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street with Othman Bin Affan Street.
  • Court Square Bridge.

It also carried out many traffic diversions, pavement and development works for the streets.

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