Rent a car in Madinaty

Car Rental in Madinaty

Car Rental in Madinaty

Car Rental in Madinaty that’s Madinaty is considered one of the most amazing cities that were newly designed and built in Egypt, as it is considered a global city on Egyptian land. Where three American companies specializing in designing new cities participated in its design and made it a picturesque city that combines modernity and luxury, and has many services available to its residents.

Madinaty operates as a civilized extension of New Cairo. It was built on an area of 8,000 acres, providing modern life to 600,000 people with 120,000 different housing units.

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Madinaty services

The shopping centers are designed with the latest fashions to meet the requirements of shopping in the world, as it provides all local and international products, as well as various entertainment means, which makes shopping a pleasure.

The commercial areas are divided into groups that mediate residential areas to provide the daily needs of the residents, as well as other basic areas in different parts of the city, where large services are provided in an atmosphere of fun, whether in open shopping areas as main streets for pedestrians only or as shopping centers containing international names.

Madinaty units

The condominium areas contain buildings of different designs, as they contain apartments that meet all needs and tastes. Most of its ground floors are distinguished by the presence of private gardens overlooking

  • the public gardens.
  • all buildings have elevators.

You can choose the apartment space that suits you from different models, with areas ranging from 42 square meters to 324 square meters.

Advantages of housing in Madinaty apartments

The apartments are characterized by good:

  • ventilation.
  • lighting.
  • better health.

as they have more than one corner and every building in my city overlooks green areas. Privacy in my madinaty is respected. Commercial activities are not permitted in the residential buildings, nor are there spaces for cars in front of the buildings.

Car Rental in Madinaty Best Price

Rent a Car in Madinaty | 01001061202 It is not an easy thing, as Madinaty is relatively far from the center of Downtown, and Madinaty is one of the most expensive new cities that have been established in the recent period and it is located on the Suez Road after Al-Rehab City and in front of Al-Shorouk City and since Madinaty is about 35 km from Nasr City, the services in it are not sufficient to some extent due to the distance, as well as renting apartments and shops are considered somewhat expensive, and among them are car rental services in Madinaty.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact the management of the Eagle company directly and we deliver the car to your place.

The distance from my city to the Eagle Rent a Car Company about 37 kilometer 27 minutes

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