Car rental in the Mokattam City

Car rental in Mokattam

Car rental in Mokattam

Car rental in Mokattam which is located in the highest area in Cairo, which is the Mokattam plateau, which resulted in the small number of car showrooms there, which made the Eagle Car Rental Company in Egypt providing its services for renting a car in Mokattam.

The central plateau in Mokattam

In fact, it is one of the relatively modern districts of the Mokattam neighborhood, located between Jabal Al-Mokattam and the Maadi Ring, and therefore it is considered one of the fastest growing areas in the past years due to its proximity to the Cairo Center, as well as the large number of lands in it, and consequently the multiplicity of housing units and the moderation of prices in them.

As for the short comings of the central plateau, it is the unevenness of the roads and the lack of facilities in some areas. Where the standard of living varies in the central region between:

  • popular housing.
  • middle areas.

as there is a group of upper-middle residential complexes, as well as some compounds with a somewhat high level.

Daily Transportation In Mokattam

If you want to get rid of the fatigue of searching for daily transportation, or you are one of those people who are:

They need a car greatly in their normal day, whether for work or interests, or you are from people who want to visit Egypt and do not have the ability to buy a car at the moment .. the solution is car rental in Egypt, whether it is in any of the different cities of Egypt. Below we know the details of renting a car in Mokattam.

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The most important streets of Mokattam

Street 9 is the most important street in Mokattam, as it reaches the first of Mokattam at its last, and Street 9 is considered one of the most important commercial streets in Mokattam where you find :

  • most of the Egyptian.
  • international bank branches.
  • clothing stores of all kinds.

as well as juice shops. You will not tire in this area looking for entertainment facilities, as Street 9 has many cafes that you will not tire of visiting.

If you want to rent a car in Mokattam, you must follow also the road from Mokattam to Eagle as shown on the map and it does not take more than half an hour.

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