Why rent a car in Egypt?

Egypt is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It’s travelers come to visit its famous places like Giza, pyramids, and the visitors will need to move to many places, so it requires to hire a car to explore the places in Egypt. It is the first headquarters of the company in Egypt, where it was established in 1990, and at that time there were three companies in Egypt that ran the car rental system in Egypt, and over that period the Eagle developed its new concept.

Eagle Rent A Car in Egypt

We have introduced many innovative solutions in the field of car rental.

It also conducted intensive courses for its customer service workers, in addition to taking great care to choose its drivers who are the company's address to customers. The company was also able to break into the field of information technology by adding many sites to the company.

The most important tips about renting a car in Cairo

We recommend that you read the policies and conditions of car rental companies in Cairo carefully before making your reservation. Check with the company about car insurance and choose companies that provide comprehensive insurance for their cars to avoid paying high costs in the event that one of the parts is damaged unintentionally by you, and make sure that the air conditioner and internal equipment work well as soon as you receive the car, and do not forget to check the presence of the fire extinguisher and spare wheels.

  1. Choose Car Rrental Companies Having Best Reviews

    Always choose car rental companies in Cairo that have the best reviews from customers who have previously dealt with them, and we will show you the best of these companies at the end of this report.

  2. Using International Driving License

    If you do not have an international driving license or translated, you can rent a car with a driver in Cairo from companies that provide this service, for an additional cost in addition to the basic cost.

  3. What size car trunk do you need?

    Keep in mind the following: Choosing the right car to rent is how much luggage space you will need, bearing in mind that everyone’s luggage must be placed in the trunk of the car since the roof net and boxes are seldom an option when renting a car.

  4. Is fuel economy important?

    When choosing the right car to rent? Although the idea of ​​highway access is undoubtedly important, you may not want to spend half of your vacation budget on fuel. So, keeping in mind that smaller cars are usually more fuel efficient, decide how far to go, then calculate how much fuel that type will use in your favorite car.

  5. Chech The Fuel Tank

    When you receive the car, make sure that the fuel tank is full of fuel and ask the representative whether it is your responsibility to supply the car with fuel upon delivery or if the company is responsible for that.

  6. Examine The Car

    Examine your car to make sure that it is the same car that you requested. If the company delivered you a car that you did not like or other than the one that you requested, immediately request a replacement so that another car will be delivered to you.

  7. How To Get Discounts?

    To get discounts on the cost of renting a car in Cairo, make reservations well in advance of your travel date and save more money to enjoy your trip more.

  8. How can you save your money from rental car?

    You should follow the next instructions to save your money:

    1. You must plan your route before you go and book your rental car in a good way.
    2. Search in a different rental car providers and compare the rates with them. So, you should increase your chances of landing your great rental car.


Requirements for car rental in Egypt

Before proceeding to rent a car in Cairo through any of the different car reservation websites, you need:

Driving license: You need it to be able to drive without fear of legal penalties, as most companies require it mainly to receive the car, preferably an international license or a local translated one.

Visa: You need it to pay the rental cost, and most of the time the amount is not deducted from it until you receive the car. There are some companies that offer Cairo car rental service without a visa and pay cash at their office upon arrival.